Privacy Policy

We do not track the use of this web site in any way. For technical reasons we keep log files of the web server for 7 days and of the mail server for 10 days. The data of these log files is only used in case of technical problems or abuse of the services. No such data is ever shared with external parties unless explicitly requested by the user. We use cookies only temporary for session management. See below on how we process received mails.

For details please read on; the responsible person for data privacy can be found at the end of this page.

We have not been forced by any court order or other means not to comply to the above rules.


This website uses log files to identify problems with the site and to monitor traffic for abuse. The raw log files are kept for a week and are then deleted.

The log files are not shared with anyone; however within the first week system administrators have access to the log files to solve technical problems. In exceptional cases stripped down copies of the log files may be stored for longer to analyze problems spanning more than a week. These copies are deleted as soon as they are not anymore required to solve the problem.

Mailing System

We keep log files of the mail system for 10 days to analyze technical problems and for spam prevention. The IP addresses and sender addresses of incoming mails are compared to addresses we have on local black- and whitelists. We also compare the IP addresses agains DNS based blacklists. All mail is conveyed using TLS encryption if supported by the peer.

Received mail may be stored and processed by an automated ticket system which forwards mail to addresses requested by the sender and persons assigned by g10code to handle service requests. All mails to addresses at or are considered business letters and are stored and archived in a ticket system. This includes the mail addresses and names as well as the content of the mails. Clients may get temporary access to the ticket systems but are restricted to mails which are directly related to their service requests. Mails which are clearly identifiable as spam will not be archived.

Responsible Person for Data Protection

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or need to get information on the data stored about you, write to the data protection officer at g10 Code:

Werner Koch, data-privacy at gnupg dot org (OpenPGP key)
g10 Code GmbH
Bergstr. 3a
40699 Erkrath

and mention the site You can expect a response within a week. If exceptionally you don't get a timely response, please send a reminder or call us at the phone number given above.


Except when noted otherwise, these web pages are Copyright 2023 by g10 Code GmbH. You can redistribute these pages and/or modify them under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.